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26-27th of June 2015. Brno ATC Obora, Czech Republic. Hell Fast Attack Festival vol. IX.
More details in Assaults section.


15-16th of May, 2015. Hyvinkää, Finland. Steelfest Open Air 2015.
More details in Assaults section.


As well as a person who has many-sided world-view with its twists and turns, NOKTURNAL MORTUM – the band, which evolves in parallel with my own personal development – can’t stay the same. Many things change over time, because we learn and understand more deeply and comprehensively. Today it would be silly to stay the one who I was at my birth – life means learning, therefore we grow up and become wiser. Unlike many others, I don’t refuse my past – it’s a legacy which made me who I am now, and that is more than just important. Today I don’t share many views that I had in the past because of very different reasons – something was just husk, something disappointed me, something just does not matter. Nonetheless, I have been keeping music for myself as an instrument for self-development. The fact is that very kind of activity makes me leave behind well-known places and trails in search of myself. And this is what most important. Not number of CD sales, gigs, fame and other rubbish, but this. We have been walking a long way together and we have seen a lot with our music, we visited different places and we passed through different changes of our own personalities. Everything that I have said and done still lives in me because all this is what I am. I never lied and I am not going to lie further. If I claim something, this means that it is true at the present time; if I am not sure in something, I remain silent. For instance, when nowadays I am asked about my political views, I answer that I am out of this, and it’s true. I’ve seen a lot and I understand that this is not my side. As for religion, it’s not easy question neither, because it’s a very essence of man that should evolve over time. The person should not ossify and get stale, but always move forward to achieve the goal instead. All this has been reflected and will be reflected in my creative output. If it is interesting for you, you are free to walk with us towards this light together.
On account of what I said, a lot will be changed. Our logo, for example. It is no longer possible for NOKTURNAL MORTUM to exist under our old logo. With every new album we are born once again, and I am convinced that this is truly how the things are supposed to be. Every new album means new life and new view. Also I decided that on future re-editions of our works for every album we shall use the logo under which it was created. The same goes for artwork, layout etc. At least, we will work on this. Verity is in every one of you. Follow it!



Another one gig in support of Ukrainian voluntary battalions. This time in Kyiv on September 14th, together with KOMU VNYZ, SOKYRA PERUNA, CONQUEST and LIMITED MUTANTER. Location — Bingo Club. Show starts at 5 pm.


Due to the fact that this year our band turns 22 years old, we’ve got some plans concerning special anniversary release. Besides exclusive and retrospective material from NOKTURNAL MORTUM, we think about possibility of making such part of this edition as tribute CD which will contain our songs performed by other bands.
In order to estimate the perspectives of this tribute, we offer all the interested bands to let us know about your willingness to take part in the project. Just send your letters to Considering that lyrics for our first records ("Lunar Poetry", "Goat Horns") are lost, those who would like to cover songs from these albums should write the lyrics of their own and adjust them with us in advance before starting any recording. If any band would like to make the interpretation of our song initially performed in Ukrainian or Russian, but does not understand these languages, it should just ask us and we’ll send them the English translation of the lyrics. We are open for the dialogue.
Sincerely yours, NOKTURNAL MORTUM.


"Eastern Brotherhood" gig in support of Ukrainian army in Kharkiv on 13th of July. Participants: Nokturnal Mortum, Khors, Elderblood, KPP, Twilightfall, [Last Page] plus Ukrainian nationalist poets.
The event will take place in Zhara club at 5 p.m.


We would like to thank organizers and crowd at Kilkim Zaibu Fest for enthusiastic reception and incredible atmosphere during our performance.
We are glad to welcome two new members to the ranks of Nokturnal Mortum – guitarist Jurgis (also in Khors) and bassist Rutnar (also in Ivory Mist, Till Dawn).
Saturious is no more the member of Nokturnal Mortum. It was a mutual decision, and we are friends still. Guitarist Aywar left the band because of serious reasons. Anyway, we are on good terms and wish him only the best!
Due to some medical problems with our drummer Bairoth's leg we don't consider any concert proposals till September.
However we will take part in charity gig in support of Ukrainian army that will take place on July 13th in our native Kharkiv.
Also this will be the last concert for Saturious as a member of Nokturnal Mortum.
Besides that we must inform you that we WILL NOT perform at this year’s Carpathian Alliance Metal Fest.


Because of current events in Ukraine and changes in line-up of the band (the details of which we shall report later), we are forced to cancel our appearance at Steelfest Open Air 2014 in Finland. We hope that the situation will turn for the better in the future and there will be no more such cancellations in our concert practice.


We are proud to announce that we shall play at Kilkim Zaibu Fest 2014 in Varniai (Lithuania) on 20-22 of June.


Another one short video — this time rehearsal from 2013.


Short video filmed on 5th of January: guitar recording for new album entitled "Істина" ("The Truth"), which will be released in 2014.


Nokturnal Mortum will play at Steelfest Open Air 2014 which will take place at Hyvinkää, Finland on 16th and 17th of May.
More info:


On 23rd of March Nokturnal Mortum will participate in gig at "Zhara" club (Ukraine, Kharkiv, Plehanovska street, 134-a) together with Rotting Christ and Khors. The concert will start at 6 p.m.

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