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Oriana Music proudly presents 2-CD re-editon of legendary "Weltanschauung" album originally released in 2004. First CD includes the Russian-Ukrainian version of the album entitled “Мировоззрение” (“Mirovozzrenie”) with new mixing and mastering. The second CD is English version of the record, entitled “Weltanschauung” (no new mixing or mastering here). Both versions differ not only with lyrics, but also with instrumental interludes between the songs. 2-CD digipack, 36-page booklet.
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Vinyl version of album "Kolovorot"  released by Osmose Productions.
Info : Triple-gatefold cover edition, three grey and black vinyls.


Nokturnal Mortum will perform at the Carpathian Alliance Metal Festival 2013 held at Zakhar Berkut, Volosianka vlg., Lviv Region, Ukraine on July 26-27.


Band start recording new album.


Read new interview with band in cult German zine Ablaze (#12)


Salute everyone!!!
The year 2013 has started, so we would like to share our plans for it with you.
This year we plan to release new album entitled “Істина” (“The Truth”). There are six songs almost complete. Most likely there will be eight tracks plus intro/outro. Soon we shall start the recording of material. We have chosen the studios already, so now we prepare for studio work.
Also we aim to start concert activity.
Besides that we’ve got agreement with Graveland concerning split EP.
You will be glad to hear the news about some interesting re-editions. This will happen soon, that’s why I shall not reveal anything right now – let it be a pleasant surprise for you.
Stay tuned! I’ll keep you informed about all the news as soon as possible.


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