New release (including tribute CD) is planned

Due to the fact that this year our band turns 22 years old, we’ve got some plans concerning special anniversary release. Besides exclusive and retrospective material from NOKTURNAL MORTUM, we think about possibility of making such part of this edition as tribute CD which will contain our songs performed by other bands.
In order to estimate the perspectives of this tribute, we offer all the interested bands to let us know about your willingness to take part in the project. Just send your letters to Considering that lyrics for our first records ("Lunar Poetry", "Goat Horns") are lost, those who would like to cover songs from these albums should write the lyrics of their own and adjust them with us in advance before starting any recording. If any band would like to make the interpretation of our song initially performed in Ukrainian or Russian, but does not understand these languages, it should just ask us and we’ll send them the English translation of the lyrics. We are open for the dialogue.
Sincerely yours, NOKTURNAL MORTUM.