To Lunar Poetry on February 16th

To Lunar Poetry on February 16th

Nokturnal Mortum – До лунарної поезії (To Lunar Poetry) (2022)

16th of February 2022 is a day when we release a new Nokturnal Mortum full-length album – До лунарної поезії (To Lunar Poetry).

Old Lunar Poetry demo holds a very special place in discography of Nokturnal Mortum. On one hand the quality of the songs released on this record in 1996 gained the attention of the whole scene back then. Many fans still wonder why it is labelled only as demo, while others simply praise it as pagan black metal at its best. On other hand due to some technical aspects, mostly because of the loss of the lyrics and the absence of new keyboard arrangements, the band did not perform the fan favorites from Lunar Poetry during the last two decades.

The 25th anniversary of the demo became the most logical reason to bring the old songs back to life. To Lunar Poetry is a full-length album that contains the new versions of timeless classics from the demo that were written by the band (thus leaving in 1996 the material from other authors that was present of the demo). Beyond this, new album brings forth the renewed Return of the Vampire Lord epic initially released in 1997 on the EP of the same name and new full-force intro composition.

To Lunar Poetry marks the return of Nokturnal Mortum members from the 90’s both with fresh blood in recording line-up and the renewal of the music created in times of old with studio possibilities of today. To Lunar Poetry is a place where the past and the future of Nokturnal Mortum meet.

До лунарної поезії/To Lunar Poetry:

1. Зимні сни/Freezing Dreams
2. Лунарна поезія/Lunar Poetry
3. Перунове срібло небес/Perun’s Celestial Silver
4. Карпатські таємниці/Carpathian Mysteries
5. …і зима постає/…and Winter Becomes
6. Вампірів князь прийшов/Return of the Vampire Lord
7. Прадавній рід/Ancient Nation
8. Акт віри (Ода інакомисленню)/Autodafe (Ode to Nonconformity)
9. Пращурів сни/Barbarian Dreams

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