"Істина (Verity)", 2017

Істина (Verity)


 Oriana Music (CD), Heritage Recordings (vinyl)

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01. Зустріну тебе в імлі старій (intro)/ I’ll Meet You in Ancient Darkness (intro)
02. Мольфа/ Molfa
03. З чортом за пазухою/ With Chort in My Bosom
04. Смерековий дід/ Spruce Elder
05. Пісня хуги/ Song of the Snowstorm
06. Вовчі ягоди/ Wolfish Berries
07. У човні з дурнями/ In the Boat with Fools
08. Дика вира/ Wild Weregild
09. Ліра/ Lira (KOMU VNYZ cover)
10. Чорний мед/ Black Honey
11. Ніч богів/ Night of the Gods
12. Куди пливуть вінки рікою? (outro)/ Where Do the Wreaths Float Down the River? (outro)


Varggoth – guitars, vocals, keyboards
Jurgis – guitars
Rutnar – bass
Bairoth – drums
Hyozt – keyboards


Alafern – violin
Ivan “Burz” Kozakevych – sopilkas, jaw harp and bukkehorn
Nadiya Melnyk – bandura
Mikhailo Kuzhba – dulcimer
Victoria Kravets – cello in “Night of the Gods”
W. Angel – clean vocals in “Night of the Gods”
Selvans Haruspex – guest keyboards in “With Chort in My Bosom”
Produced by Ievgen Gapon

All music by Nokturnal Mortum, except “Lira” (originally written and performed by Komu Vnyz)

Guitars and bass recorded at OSF studio, Kharkiv, Ukraina, 2013-2016, engineered by Varggoth
All drums recorded at VIPs Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, autumn 2013, engineered by Nikita Shkuropat, except the drums in “Spruce Elder” and “In the Boat with Fools” recorded at VIP MUSIC STUDIO, Kharkiv, Ukraina, summer 2016, engineered by Vlad Annenkov

All vocals, bandura, dulcimer and cello recorded at VIP MUSIC STUDIO, Kharkiv, Ukraina, autumn 2016, engineered by Nikita Shkuropat and Varggoth
Keyboards by Hyozt recorded at OLD HYOZT DEN Studio, Uzhgorod, Ukraina, 2013-2016
Keyboards by Varggoth recorded at OSF studio, Kharkiv, Ukraina, 2013-2016, engineered by Varggoth
Violin recorded at Iron Still Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraina, November 2014
Sopilkas, jaw harp and bukkehorn recorded at Morton Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine, May 2016
Keyboards by Selvans Haruspex recorded at his home studio, Italy, 2016
Engineered by Nikita Shkuropat
Mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studios, Canwell, Sutton Coldfield, UK, autumn 2016
Cover art and ears of wheat painting in booklet by Kristian Wåhlin
Layout and pictures in booklet by Sir Gorgoroth
Nokturnal Mortum logo by Vojtěch Doubek
Band photos by Dmytro Mihalakiy
Lyrics translation by Arsilar
Varggoth uses Grosmann guitars
Jurgis uses DR Strings
Tattoos by Black FLAG Tattoo and Stas Duminskiy, Kharkiv